Lumenogic prediction-
market technology


Harness collective wisdom to improve performance and profitability

Fitness in the information age depends on smarts, and the easiest way to raise your company's IQ is to capitalize on its hidden collective intelligence asset: the amazing ability of groups to think and behave more intelligently than the smartest individuals in them.

Harvest and prioritize more new ideas and quickly identify the winners and game changers.
Customer Insights
Build an online community of customers to tell you directly what they think and want.
Synergy Initiatives
Let your organization get creative and quickly reach consensus about how to better work together.
Improve accuracy by collecting and aggregating objective insights from those closest to the market.
Strategic Planning
Spontaneously engage and align stakeholders around the insights that create the best strategy.
Portfolio Management
Harness the wisdom of product teams to make more accurate and discriminating choices.

We apply technology and processes developed over more than a decade for scores of client engagements. The right tools are synthesized into a unique process optimized for your needs and challenges.

Typical solutions may include tools such as prediction markets, idea markets, competitive forecasting, crowdsourcing, innovation competitions, business assessment tools and data visualization.

Faster, better decisions

By aligning diverse stakeholders around key insights and initiatives, Lumenogic allows you to improve decisions, discover and execute better ideas, all faster and with lower risk of failure.

Dispersed knowledge is harnessed, judgments are de-biased and actionable data and ideas emerge to drive innovation and competitive advantage.

Success for every client

Our collective intelligence solutions are customized for every engagement and Lumenogic consultants are hands-on throughout the project to ensure success for every client. We guarantee results.

While every engagement is unique, all Lumenogic projects have one thing in common: they produce actionable information for senior leadership.

Proven Results
«It would have taken us many months to gather and prioritize this much information otherwise. Participants were enthusiastic and the executive team had strong buy-in to the resulting strategic initiatives. Very successful project!»
- Sandy Henjum
SVP Marketing & Business Transformation


«Compared to polling people, this significantly improves the process of harvesting and prioritizing ideas.»
- Zubin Dowlaty
VP of Emerging Technologies
InterContinental Hotels Group


«The collective forecasts provide valuable input in defining the commercial policy in the coming quarters.»
- Javier Llera Fueyo
Senior Manager of Market Intelligence
Arcelor Mittal

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