Lumenogic prediction-
market technology


Our pioneering work on prediction markets and collective intelligence has been widely covered by the media

Before we recently evolved NewsFutures into Lumenogic, our work had attracted remarkable coverage in the world's premier publications. Here is a sample of the most informative and provocative pieces.


Enterprise Applications

The Next Big Thinker
by Lucy Fitzgeorge-Parker, December 2009

Betting to Improve the Odds
by Steve Lohr, April 9 2008

Co-creating an organization's future
by Victoria Axelrod and Jenny Ambrozek, March 2008

The future of futurology
by Robert Cottrell, in The World in 2008 special issue

The Wisdom of Sales Trends Predictions
by Bob Tedeschi, September 17 2007

The CEO Guide To Prediction Markets
by Rachael King, July 7 2006

How to Decide? Create a Market
by Michael Totty, June 19, 2006

Wisdom of the crowd
by Jim Giles, November 17, 2005

Market Magic
by Alix Nyberg Stuart, November 1, 2005

Place Your Bets
by Bill Saporito, October 16, 2005

The Power of Us
by Robert Hof, June 10, 2005

Australian Financial Review
Opinion Market
by James Hall, August 2004

All seeing all knowing
by James M. Pethokoukis, 08/22/2004

The End Of Management?
by Barbara Kiviat, 07/06/2004

You Can Bet on Idea Markets
by Ajit Kambil, 12/01/2003


NewsFutures Prediction Exchange

Hedging your bets on current events
by Alexander Hart, April 2 2008

Betting on tomorrow's news
by Daryl Paranada, March 8 2007

The Crowd Knows Best
by Serena Altschul, January 8 2006

Place Your Bets
by Sara Robinson, August 7 2003

Decisions, Decisions
by James Surowiecki, March 17 2003

Play Money? Not to These News Investors
by Sara Robinson, July 5 2001



Non-profits place a bet on prediction markets
by Lauren Foster, May 12 2008

Betting for Charity
hosted by Maria Bartiromo, December 21 2007

How to bet on the Boeing 787's arrival
by Dominic Gates, September 30 2007