Lumenogic prediction-
market technology


Decades of operating experience meet ground-breaking collective intelligence technology

Lumenogic was formed when two senior managing partners of The New England Consulting Group joined forces with the pioneering prediction markets company NewsFutures (2000-2010). This merger of skills and technology followed two years of highly successful collaboration on numerous NECG client projects.

Our insight was that prediction markets and collective intelligence solutions always work for senior leadership when correctly applied, but the combination of skills required doesn't exist in most companies, so they need help.

As the founders of MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence recently wrote: «If collective intelligence is such a powerful way for organizations to get things done... why don't more businesses use it? The answer, we think, is they don't know how.»

«They have done some of the most innovative work in the area for longer than most. They were in there making it happen for real while others were clueless on the fringes.»
Dr. Ajit Kambil
Global Research Director
Deloitte Services

«Lumenogic is one of the best companies in the realm of collective intelligence and prediction markets. I'd heartily recommend contacting them if you're interested in exploring this type of approach.»
Chunka Mui
Coauthor of Unleashing the Killer App
and Billion Dollar Mistakes

We launched Lumenogic to meet this need: making collective intelligence work for you, in your company, with your culture, for your objectives and with your real-world constraints.

Lumenogic uniquely integrates collective intelligence know-how with deep experience commercial operations and management consulting. We guarantee results through optimized solutions, the knowledge to apply them and full-service support along the way.